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Bioserres company consists of a group of organic farmers in the prefecture of Serres who love both their place and what they do.

In 1997, a small family business from Sidirokastro, started operating in a local market. Its main occupation is the cultivation of organic fruits which it processes in its HACCP-certified laboratory in various kinds of products. Cultivation of the small fruits of the forest, namely raspberry varieties, currants and strawberry are the “specialties” of their crops!

Over time and the strong interest of consumers, we have set the bar even higher. Even more associates and producers came to our family to expand our effort, which has started to become big. The great effort, however, does not necessarily translate as a large quantity, because in our field the quality is important and not the quantity! For this reason, our business aims above all to maintain its quality and philosophy, which succeeds in producing or constantly seeking raw materials that are worthy of the specifications required so that the product that reaches the consumer is Certified Organic and Natural Greek!

Our many years of experience in organic farming, the wide variety of crops in our country and the will to modernize in our time contribute to our effort to offer the purest products to our consumers with responsibility, respect and love.

Furthermore, we express our gratitude to your love for our work. So today, beyond the prefecture of Serres, we can also offer our products throughout Greece while also exporting to overseas countries, mainly in France, England, Belgium and Germany.

On the “Products” page you can get a taste of the products we offer. Among these, you will find authentic homemade recipes of Spoon sweets, jams and spreads with sugarcane and sugar-free with agave syrup, various nuts, herbs, oils, olives and olive oil.

On the “Contact Us” page you can find the locations we have our products, and you will soon be able to order online from our online store. There you will find the details so that you can contact us. At regular intervals you can also find us at various events and exhibitions of “Organic and Handmade Products” that take place in different parts of Greece.

Finally, of course, we will be glad to meet you at the Sidirokastro’s main workshop whenever your road matches our parts!

A great thanks to you. Yours sincerely,


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